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We will provide home owners control, comfort and reduced energy costs for a greater feeling of well-being at home.

Air conditioning for Bedrooms, Lounges, Home Offices and Conservatories

Ten years ago Air Conditioning for cars was a luxury item. Within the next 10 years you will probably struggle to find a house without it.

We have all had sleepless nights on those hot, humid summer evenings, but why should you suffer when for a relatively small outlay you can control the temperature with a flick of a switch.

Also what most people fail to realise is that modern Air Conditioning units provide instant on demand heat as well, systems that allow you full use of your home all year round.

How Does Air Conditioning Heat Your Home?

Answer: By using a heat pump

What is a Heat Pump?


A heat pump extracts low temperature energy from the environment and increases its temperature for heating purposes. Heat pump efficiencies are normally quoted as the coefficient of performance of the system (COP); these are typically in the range 3 to 5.

In other words, extracting heat from renewable sources requires just 1kW of electrical input in order to generate 3kW to 5kW of heating output. Heat pump systems therefore, are 3 to 5 times more efficient than fossil fuel boilers and are more than capable of warming a house completely, even during the lowest winter temperatures.