Air Quality has a big effect on our health.

Ventilation plays a key role in tackling COVID and other air borne diseases. New building regulations, sealing our homes and offices, raise the requirement for energy efficient fresh air and extraction. Whether you have a new building or older style property, we are able to install Heat Recovery Ventilation.

Heat Recovery Ventilation provides filtered fresh air into a building recovering the heat only from the stale air extracted from the room. Thus, warming the cold air from outside so as not to waste any heat produced from your heating system. During the heat of Summer, the system makes use of the cooler evening air alleviating the load on air conditioning systems.

The Heat Recovery Ventilation System comprises of a Heat Exchanger covered with a resin for optimal heat transfer, which is layered in alternate directions.

The air flow across the exchanger and also through the counter flow, keeping the air in the exchanger longer to extract as much heat or cold from the air as possible. Or if required the system can just be used a standard Ventilation System.